Professional powder coating

Vertical line

VERTICAL VARNISHING BY SAT - dedicated to powder coating of vertically suspended profiles, ultra-modern in every detail. It consists of two separate spray booths equipped with 20 guns each. The cabins support aluminum profiles with dimensions of 200x100x7200mm and a weight of 50 kg - with a constant, repeatable speed of over 600 profiles per hour. Before coating, each profile is degreased, acid etched in fluoride solution and titanium passivation .

Automatic Horizontal line

HORIZONTAL PAINTING by AABO IDEAL consists of one booth equipped with 10 automatic guns. It is a classic line, but it has one major advantage: it allows the coating of details made of three different types of metals : aluminum, steel and galvanized steel with dimensions 3000x500x2000mm . These details are transported on a conveyor moving at a speed of 1.5 m / s. Before coating, every detail is degreased, etched and subjected to zirconium passivation .

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